Wednesday, 24 May 2017

10 Best Nail Designs of 2017 - Latest Nail Art Trends

We were sure that sharp long nails-claws remained in the dashing 90s, but no: they were renamed "vampire" and called a new trend in manicure. Terrible or cool?

 (1) The diffusion effect
Like a fingernail - a reservoir of water, which dripped red wine: the bizarre lines of the process of mixing liquids look very impressive
(2) Black marble
The pearls of mother-of-pearl on a deep black background mimic a rare stone.
(3) Spiral
Unexpected accent on the little finger in the form of an augmented nail curled around its axis.
(4) Black Opal
Rare stone - black Australian opal - before processing looks like this: beige-gray stone, inside which lies a stunning beauty blue core.
(5) Inrush
Another 3D manicure, simulating a stain of paint.
(6) Gothic
The pattern in the form of spider webs, spiders and skulls fits perfectly into vampire themes.
(7) All at once
The night sky, blood, fangs - that the theme was clear from the first presentation.
(8) Mirror
You can combine two trends: vampire claws and a mirror metallized coating.
(9) Checkmate
With matte coating, the nails look even more dramatic.
(10) Gradient
Red and black with a beautiful shade transition.

10 Best Nail Designs of 2017 - Latest Nail Art Trends
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