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Choose perfect haircut according to face shape. Men's Guide

Every person is different and face shapes can vary greatly. Some people will need to consider face shape more than others; Most will want to create the impression of a square shape that is so masculine and recognized as the most pleasing to the eye.

In order to achieve this ideal shape, long faces need a cut that will "cut" visually, the late faces need a haircut to ensure the face extension, and the angular faces would require a softer haircut.

Many men enter the well-trained salon, with pictures or ideas about how they would like to look their hair. Still, stylists say it's vital to consider the shape of the face when choosing haircut.

A haircut is personal and should be created to fit your face shape and hair type as well as your image and personality. In this regard, we will talk today about the most important forms of the male face, giving some general tips/guidelines for haircuts that fit each one.

Men's hairstyles with oval shape

The oval shape is considered the ideal shape of the face for women, but it is not the same for men. An oval face, however, fits in general with any haircut, in any shape or length, because it is proportionate and well balanced.

The only thing to avoid, if you have an oval face, is a long bang because it can make your face look round. An oval shape allows maximum versatility, allowing hair to be arranged on either side of the face, and can be worn long or short.

Men's hairstyles with square face shape

Men who have the square shape of the face are lucky, because it is associated with being strong and masculine. The strong jaw is the definitive feature of a square face and just like the oval shape, the square face fits a wide range of styles, but the hair around the hairline can look better if it's short on the edges.

That being said, a short haircut looks best and, in fact, improves your facial features - it all depends on two things: if you want the face shape to be the main attraction or if you want the hair itself to be the focus of attention.

However, it is recommended not to arrange your hair in a center partition or with a heavy bang, if you have a square face.

Haircuts for elongated men

Long-haired men also fit many haircuts. This face shape is slightly larger than an oval face and it is important to keep this in mind when choosing haircut.

Try to avoid cutting hair too short on the side if you want to keep the length effect at the top. This would unnecessarily emphasize the length of the face and make it even longer than it is. If you want to wear your hair this way, then I recommend that you keep your hair trimming well proportioned - do not cut too much on the sides or leave the hair on your head too long.

This shape of the face also fits with a bangle haircut, because it maintains the length look and maintains the balance.

Men's round haircut haircuts

A proper haircut for a round face depends entirely on what features or areas you want to highlight or hide.

A round face has prominent angles or lines, so it is important to choose a style that stretches somewhat. There must be something stiff, but by adding volume keep the symmetrical face.

Try also to avoid trimming in sharp fringes because they emphasize the natural roundness of the shape of the face. Also, if you leave your hair too long, a similar effect may occur.

Men's Hairstyles-Diamond-

Men with a diamond face have problems with the cheekbones seemingly too prominent, and the front and chin are rather narrow.

Choosing a haircut can be difficult. The safest option is to leave your hair long or choose a haircut and volume.
At the same time, a wavy hair will counteract the effect.

Choose perfect haircut according to face shape. Men's Guide
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