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Simple in execution, effective and tasty festive pastry (see in any order)

The main thing is that the jewelry should be effective, but their production is not too laborious and does not distract the excessive forces from ensuring the high culinary qualities of the created chefs.

Pie can make curly edges.
Можно сплести косичку по ободку.

You can cut flowers or other figures from the dough and decorate the cake with a composition of them.
For semi-open pies, you can cut in the upper layer of the dough frequent round or shaped holes to make a lace "colander", through which it will be appetizing to look through the filling.
To cover the pie, you can cut the strips from a strip of dough and make a braid from them.
If desired, before knitting, the test pieces can be twisted along the axis to make beautiful spirals.
Decoration of cake edges

Woven from strips of dough plant spread on the edge of the pie, moistened with water or a loose egg, or yolk.
If there is a special roller cutter for the dough, the strips can be cut with the curved edges.
With test pigtails cut from a thin layer of dough strips and various figures, you can decorate the entire top surface of closed pies (see below).
To get the color of the decorating overlays, different from the base color (lighter ones), you can use protein dough for overlays.
Protein dough for decorating baking with figured overlays
(When baking it almost does not get browned and after baking, it will be lighter than the dough base):

• 3.5 cups (500 grams) of wheat flour in / s
• 1 glass (250 grams) of fresh egg whites
(Ie, the ratio of flour and protein by volume is 3.5: 1, by weight - 2: 1)
Preparation of protein test
Pass the flour through a sieve into a mixer bowl and add the squirrels.
Turn the mixer on at a slow speed until the dough becomes elastic.
Then wrap the dough in a foil, so that it does not dry if it does not immediately go to work.
To store this test or jewelry from it for a few hours, wrapped in a film of dough (ornaments) is placed in the refrigerator.
From this plastic dough, you can cut or sculpt various decorations of pies and festive caravans.
For more information about the protein test and modeling of its ornaments, see the page. Holiday Hookahs.

We cut the edge of the cake with scissors and bend it in a staggered manner inside and out.
Fingers make a zigzag edge with sharp tips.
Decorating the edge of the cake with a pressure spoon.
By pressing the fork along the edge of the cake, you can make a corrugated surface. When pressing, the prongs of the fork can be held in the direction of the radii or at an angle, or turn it to the left, then to the right for the pattern in the form of a Christmas tree.

Decorating the edge with false leaves or other figures.
Cut the leaves with a mold and spread on the edge of the pie, moistened with water or a loose egg, or an egg, loosened from 1 tbsp. L. Milk, or yolk.
Lubrication of the surface with egg or yolk allows after baking to get different shades of the base and leaves.
Also, to obtain a "multicolor", you can lubricate the substrate with water, and the overhead leaves with an egg or yolk.
Adding a baked egg or yolk to lubricate baking from 1/4 to 1 incomplete teaspoon of sugar (stirring until dissolved) makes it possible to get a particularly beautiful bright color of the toasted surface.
The more dissolved sugar, the brighter the color after baking (due to caramelization of sugar), but in the mixture there should be no insoluble crystals. If the sugar dissolves not completely, you can add a little water or milk and mix thoroughly.
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Simple in execution, effective and tasty festive pastry (see in any order)
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