Sunday, 14 May 2017

Cooking equipment: Confectionery attachments

At last! Long-awaited for many a post about confectionery nozzles. Immediately make a reservation that here I will talk about the most popular nozzles that I have and that I regularly use to decorate cakes and cap keys for a blog.
  And further. From this post, I start a series of publications in which I will talk about culinary equipment and equipment, which I use more or less regularly. I think this will remove a good part of the questions in the comments to the recipes

1. Asterisks.
1 - 20 mm at the outlet, 8 twisted denticles.
2 - 22 mm at the exit, 12 denticles, large clearance in the center.
3 - 18 mm at the outlet, 8 denticles.
4 - 14 mm at the outlet, 10 denticles.
5 - 8 mm at the outlet, 9 denticles.
6 - 7 mm at the outlet, 4 teeth.
7 - 9 mm at the outlet, 8 denticles.
8 - 4 mm at the outlet, 5 denticles.
2. Direct attachments.
The diameter is from 3 to 17 mm. In the photo, not the whole set.
3. Other shaped attachments
9 - nozzle "weaving" 10 mm wide.
10 - nozzle "weaving" 17 mm wide.
11 - nozzle "sheet" 10 mm wide.
12 - nozzle "leaf" 6 mm wide.
13 and 14 - nozzles "petal".
And now - about what can and should be done by them.
  This is the result of the work of the nozzle number 4:

Most often I use it for finishing curb borders. As, for example, here:

Next - nozzles 1 and 3.

They "trim" the cap key, I set off meringues and marshmallows.

Nozzles 8, 6 and 7:
Again, curbs and small decor.

  Nozzle number 2:
I plant her chowder dough for profiteroles and eclairs. And also for brewed rings.

Well and for Kap key OV it too approaches or suits, though here the volume of a cream turns out too much for my taste.

  Nozzles 11 and 12:
The most obvious are the leaves for the flowers on the cakes. They can also decorate the sides of the cake. As, for example, here:

Nozzles 9 and 10:

Cooking equipment: Confectionery attachments
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