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Easy supper: recipes for nutritionists

They are experts in the field of healthy nutrition, and they know for sure: supper should be no later than 3 hours before bedtime. And not carbohydrate products, and protein and vegetables ... However, in their lives, there are late business meetings in restaurants, exhausting evening workouts, after which I want not boiled fish with broccoli, but a roll with butter. Their husbands and children, like yours, do not like tastelessly steamed cutlets and will always prefer them to spaghetti with cream sauce. How come in such cases, the pros of a healthy diet? What is their ideal light dinner? Here are some recommendations and culinary recipes from nutritionists.

4 servings
200 g low-fat cottage cheese
300-400 g of chicken breast
1 egg
1 onion

Salt, pepper to taste
Onion peel, cut into small pieces. Chicken breast, too, cuts into pieces. All the ingredients through the meat grinder. Salt, pepper and mix the stuffing. Form 4 cutlets. Bake in oven or airtel until cooked.

A light dinner in a restaurant is one vegetable dish
The head of the Center for Personal Dietetics "Palette of Nutrition", dietitian Ekaterina Belova is always very busy. Sometimes so much that he spends the whole day at work from 9 am to 9 pm and does not have time to have dinner on time.

"I come back from work so tired that I do not eat at all - it's not an option for me, even if I came home by midnight," says Catherine. "I have to get energy with food." Therefore, on such days I try to find at least five minutes to have a snack at 7-8 pm, for example, what remains of dinner. And when coming home, I drink a glass of yogurt with the addition of fiber. When I eat dinner on time, I prefer simple meals, in particular, vegetable stews. With them, it's easy to improvise by adding any vegetables. And if my husband has dinner with me, then slices of chicken or turkey (lightly let them in the oil before adding vegetables) and at the end greens, a spoon of sour cream and pieces of canned tomatoes with juice to make it tastier and tastier. "

If you have dinner in a restaurant, Catherine advises taking only one dish and better - vegetables. "Restaurant meals are always fatter and calorie than their home counterparts, and you can not guess the size of a portion, but I'm sorry for leaving food on a plate, for example, and then I overeat." Take your bread away from yourself. And if supper is supposed to be alcohol and not refuse, take wine or strong alcohol, which is served with ice. Ask to gradually add ice to it, diluting, but not pouring.

Easy supper: recipes for nutritionists
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